What We Do

Wealthquest offers comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services—everything coordinated by a single team, under one roof, for one simple fee.

You don't have to be the middleman anymore.

Even with the best advisors, you, the non-expert, can end up executing your own financial plan. In an endless game of telephone, important information can get lost, as you mediate between several professionals, and the whole thing never feels complete.

We take a different approach.

In house, we offer everything from tax preparation, to ways to save for college, to establishing your legacy. And everything is included in one single fee. So, when you call us to discuss your dreams, there is no additional charge.

  • We Offer Wisdom from Experience to Help You Make Sound Decisions

    We’ve walked over 1,000 clients through thousands of financial decisions, from mergers to sudden retirement packages, to real estate ventures and family businesses.

  • Make Your Money Work for You, While Avoiding Costly Mistakes

    Our team is dedicated to helping clients avoid costly mistakes that can impact lives beyond just an account balance.

  • Clients Are Known and Served by Everyone at Wealthquest

    We designed a company structure that pushes us to work hard for every client. From top to bottom and across all departments, we are built to serve your best interests.

  • Everything begins and ends at Wealthquest

    Clients are deeply involved in the planning process. Rather than send you off to get the work done, we ask you to participate, and together we build a thoughtful plan for your future.

  • We’ll Coach You on How to Save and Spend Your Money

    We’re big believers that there are things in life that are more valuable than money. Clients leverage wealth to elevate their relationships, fuel their passions, and establish their legacy.

  • We’ll Make Sure That Managing Money Doesn’t Consume You

    Wealthquest clients enjoy the benefits of regular communication and the satisfaction of a plan that stays current no matter how fast life changes.

We're different from the industry standard

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Initial consultation and account set-up assistance
Automated investment management & online performance reporting
Foundational money coaching & access to online budgeting tools
Access to a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
Financial Plan: Real-time & cloud-based comprehensive financial planning
Tax: CPA® prepared tax returns and proactive tax planning
Estate Planning: Document review & Wealthquest credit to update or establish plan documents
Investment Planning: Customized investment management that combines active, passive, & alternative strategies
Family Legacy Planning: Generation-skip & tax reduction strategies
Advanced charitable strategies using charitable trust design, donor advised funds, and private family foundations
$5,000 - $350,000

Pay Separately

$350,000 - $2,500,000
> $2,500,000