The Return of Optimism


Not anymore.

We started Wealthquest with a simple thought:

Financial Planning with everything in one place, under one fee. Simple, right?

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Solutions for every season of life

We won’t turn people away for having too little, or too much. Under Three distinct flagship service offerings, we know how to handle the unique as well as the straightforward.

Where are you on your financial path?

  • Early Career
  • Mid Career
  • Independently Wealthy

You’re just starting to climb! While family and work demand most of your time and energy, you realize that planning for your future isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Now is the time to map out a clear plan for where you and your family are heading, while coordinating all the moving parts to help get you there. We will do just that!

The climb has become more technical and your family’s competing priorities all need to be planned for simultaneously. The stakes are high. Our team of experts will work together to coordinate all the components of your finances to accomplish your priorities. We equip you to make confident decisions and provide you the clarity needed to make your vision for your family a reality.

The view from your vantage point is incredible! You have climbed above the treeline and found your way to financial independence. But there is still work to be done as you determine your legacy. What is the mark you want to leave on the causes you care about? How do you want to help those family members that are climbing behind you? Our team can help you discover your unique answers to questions like these, and then create a plan to bring your vision to life.

Conversations with vision

We wanted to change the way Financial Advisors speak. We want to talk about vision and feelings. The money-talk doesn’t need to dominate, and we bend over backwards to make it simple to understand.

Long phone conversations, meetings, coffee, or a quick chat.

We’re “People” People

If we’re going to align with your best interests, it starts by getting to know one another.

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Invest In Your Life. We’ll Do The Rest.

Discover a new approach to wealth management where your investments, tax preparation, and estate planning services are offered by one team of fiduciary experts, all under one roof, for one simple fee. Wealthquest is a fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm focused on the integration of your life and finances. Regardless of your account size or stage of life, our firm can help.


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