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Set Yourself Up for Generous Success

Wanting to be generous is easy, but being prepared to give generously takes a little extra preparation.
So how do you get there?
James is here to help you set yourself up for generosity, so you can give with ease.


128// Are Millennials Keeping Up With the Joneses? ft Ashley Brewster

Did the internet make keeping up with the Joneses worse for millennials and Gen X? On this week’s episode, James and special guest Ashley Brewster explore what it means to be a HENRY (not some random guy named Henry), how to avoid chasing money, and what really defines your success. And what does it really mean to be β€œadulting”? If you are or know a β€œhigh earner, not rich yet” this episode is for you.


127// The Money Obsession

Once a groove is tracked in your brain, it’s hard to change course. What are the processes you train yourself to have with money? On this week’s episode, James references behavioral addiction to explain a possible reason for why you check your stock apps so often. And what role does your advisor play in feeding or starving this routine? If you or someone you know is struggling, please seek a licensed therapist.


Child Tax Credit

If you aren’t actively building up an emergency fund, you might passively be creating the perfect environment for debt or disaster.


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What topic were you looking for?

Β Living a Rich Life: The No-Regrets Guide to Building and Spending Wealth, by James Lenhoff

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