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205 // Happiness + Financial Success

Is there a correlation between happiness and money? We’ve talked about how having money does make people happy, at least up to a certain threshold. Once all of our needs are met, the happiness brought by money begins to diminish. More and more money does not necessarily bring more and more happiness, but could more happiness bring more money?

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Preparing the Next Generation to Steward Wealth

Whether you are training up young kids or grandkids in their understanding of money or needing to prepare your older children for an inheritance, it is a critical responsibility for one generation to equip the next to steward resources well. We have seen first-hand how quickly generational wealth can be squandered when this work is not done well. One of the most counterintuitive aspects of teaching these skills is making room for failure. James Lenhoff will share the stories and the wisdom he has had the privilege to glean by watching families struggle with this issue. He will suggest thoughtful and effective ways to train and equip kids and grandkids along the way in each life stage they face with the hope that, no matter what age your kids are, James will offer something for you to help you gain confidence in fostering growth, not dependence, in this area for your family.

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204 // How Millionaires Spend Their Time

James recently read an article about millionaires spending their time differently, which made them happier. It’s not the money that makes them happier. It’s how they spend their time. James has noticed that clients who aren’t millionaires and spend their time the same way also seem happier.

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Your Tax Filing Season To-Do List

Tax season is no longer coming up – it’s here. Whether you file yourself or you have a trusted tax professional, it’s important to have a plan to avoid any costly oversights.

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203 // Loss Aversion

Loss aversion is a cognitive bias that is frustrating regarding money. James has talked about loss aversion and cognitive bias in previous shows. Today he is going to couple loss aversion with benefit discounting and how this can create a toxic financial mix. Humans will prioritize avoiding loss over achieving a gain.

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Retirement & Inflation

When the decision comes to retire during a year with inflation this high, how are we supposed to plan? What are we supposed to think?

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202 // Quietly Quitting

We are talking about something that has been going on quietly behind the scenes at many employers, and that’s the idea of quiet quitting. Coming out of the great resignation, there is a trend where employees are intentionally shutting down and doing less because they’re burnt out, struggling, and frustrated.

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201 // 10 Steps to Manage Your Inner Critic

It’s a new year, and we should be kind and compassionate toward ourselves. Sure, everything may not be perfect. Maybe we’ve already failed a new year’s resolution or goal. Perhaps we feel regret over our Christmas spending or credit card debt. There are so many things that can allow our inner critic to take hold and wreak havoc on our minds.

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Glossary of Financial Terms: 15 Must-Know Definitions

FICO Score? Asset Allocation? Mutual Funds? What do all these financial terms actually mean? When it comes to making the best financial decisions for you and your family, it’s important to know the basics. That’s why we’re providing 15 must-know definitions you can use to make more informed financial decisions.

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