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How to Take a Vacation (And Not Feel Guilty)

Under-spenders, in the midst of what they said they wanted, will tell themeless over and over again that it’s a waste of money. Sound like you? On this week’s episode, James considers the negative repercussions of under-spending and missing out on all the memories you meant to make but never did. Take the vacation, book the trip, do the thing! After all, isn’t that why you save so diligently in the first place?

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Safeguarding Your Digital Life

In today’s digital age, cyber threats are a major concern for everyone. It’s critical to have a basic cybersecurity strategy in place to protect your digital assets and personal information. During this talk, we will discuss several key cybersecurity topics, including password hygiene, two-factor authentication, phishing, and what to do if you’re the victim of a hack or identity theft.

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209 // 3 Components to Financial Success

James is going to talk about the three things you need in order to live a financially successful life. There is so much complication when it comes to money, but we can really simplify it down to boundaries, balance, and accountability.

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208 // Loss of Senses Leads To Craving

Losing your sense of taste and smell actually leads to craving. This also applies to how we relate to our stuff. James is recovering from COVID and has lost his sense of taste and smell. In spite of this, his brain is still craving comfort food that he can’t taste. If there was ever a time for him to be pounding kale, this is it.

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206 // Do You Have Negativity Schema?

Negativity schema is a pattern of negative thinking that assumes failure and prevents people from trying. Experiencing negative schema is having a negative, self-defeating attitude. This type of thinking can be incredibly destructive when it comes to money. Negative thinking is powerful and hurts progress and success.

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 Living a Rich Life: The No-Regrets Guide to Building and Spending Wealth, by James Lenhoff

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