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Rethink These 8 Estate Planning Myths

The importance of proper estate planning shouldn’t be understated, as it can be a lasting gift for your loved ones after your passing. You may have heard some of these assumptions surrounding estate planning, but we’re here to help debunk a few popular myths.

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140 // Jen Powers’ Top 3 Parenting Tips

Parents, raise your hand if you already made a parenting misstep this morning. You’re not alone! Jen Powers, Executive Director at Tried and True Parenting, is here to share some highlights of what she’s learned through her work with families.

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138 // Conflict Resolution

What happens when conflict goes unresolved in a relationship? It builds into resentment – a much more difficult mess to clean up. On this week’s episode, James equips you with the tools you need to have those scary conversations about money, so you can avoid the scarier conversations about debt or what happens when you’ve been undersaving.

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Living a Rich Life in the Age of Worry

When historians look back at this period of time, I am convinced they will refer to it as The Age of Worry.

And what happens to us when we worry? We turn to things-we hoard and we over-accumulate.

Just ask the families that bought a shopping cart full of toilet paper last year!

We think that having those things will make us feel safe, and maybe it does for a second.

But living a rich life means you can look directly at the worry and know you’re good.

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137 // Servant Leadership with Todd Wilkowski

If you eliminate risk, you eliminate any potential for reward. On this week’s episode, James is joined by special guest Todd Wilkowski. Todd is here to share how he created a business model after his own servant heart to fill a need for small businesses.

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Deciding On An Advisor

Finding the right financial advisor – one who is a good fit for you and your family – can be very challenging.

In this video David Kern, a financial advisor at Wealthquest, shares some questions and thoughts to keep in mind when you’re looking for a financial advisor.

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What is Lifestyle Creep?

What is lifestyle creep and how can you avoid this very common and tempting pitfall? 🙅‍♂️

A lifestyle creep is when someone gets a salary raise, and instead of intentionally saving that money, they start buying more expensive clothes or eating out more.

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 Living a Rich Life: The No-Regrets Guide to Building and Spending Wealth, by James Lenhoff

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