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181 // Authority Over Thoughts

Do you have authority over your thoughts? James covers the number of thoughts available to you and why you tend to listen to and validate certain ones, particularly with our current economic outlook and the uncertainty surrounding it.

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178 // 4 Ways the Pandemic Changed Our Values

The pandemic has seemingly changed almost everything about our lives. Where we can go, how we’re able to exist in places when we get there, how and where we work from, etc. How have these shifts brought an onset of psychological changes, life goals and personal values?

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152 // 3 Ways to Be Less Anxious

There’s stress, and then there’s anxiety. Anxiety goes beyond stress – it shuts you down, interferes with your life, and becomes the lens through which you see everything else. We’re going over 3 things to learn from people who do not struggle with chronic anxiety.

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 Living a Rich Life: The No-Regrets Guide to Building and Spending Wealth, by James Lenhoff

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