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122 // Is Your Burnout Avoidable?

If there’s a secret to working fewer hours, James may have just uncovered it. Do we simply think about work all wrong? On this week’s episode, James offers a healthy alternative to the way you’ve been consuming your work, or rather, the way work has been consuming you.

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120 // Transformational Leadership

Are you too attached to the title to ever let it go? On this week’s episode, James addresses his transition at Wealthquest. Yes, he has a cream puff job now. Does all good leadership come only from the top, or can we lead the people above us (and maybe more effectively too)?

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112 // Creating a S.Y.S.T.E.M. with Elisabeth Galperin

There’s no such thing as a wrong decision. Elisabeth Galperin joins James this week to share her wisdom on finding momentum to take care of business in your daily and professional lives so that you can detox yourself from all that procrastination clutter.

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111 // Honoring the Gift of Inheritance

We’ve talked about your kids inheriting more than just money, but what about when they actually inherit money? On this week’s episode, James looks at both the emotional and the practical response of inheritance after the loss of a loved one and the key to honoring that gift.

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110 // You Know When It’s Time to Go

Moving on is healthy if you are moving on from an unhealthy thing. On this week’s episode, James addresses what to do if you find yourself in a job or a career that is no longer serving you.

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 Living a Rich Life: The No-Regrets Guide to Building and Spending Wealth, by James Lenhoff

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