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You’re in the thick of it. While family and work demand your time and energy, you realize that planning your financial future isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Sure, someday you’ll get around to building a plan, but the cost of inaction is real and carries high risks for you and your family. With Ascend, we work with you now to build an investment strategy and financial plan that fits your needs. Then, as you continue to invest, save, and set goals for your future, you can trek on with confidence – knowing you have the expertise of our entire team of fiduciaries as your guide.

Whether it’s paying down debt, saving for college, or balancing a budget, we take the guesswork out of planning your financial future. With a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) as your guide, you’ll be able to pursue your financial goals with intentionality and confidence.

Financial Planning

Whether you’re just looking to cover the basics, or would like the full clarity and confidence of a comprehensive financial plan, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) will be your guide to a strong financial future

  • Tax-efficient Savings Strategies for Retirement and Education Planning
  • Personal Budgeting and Cash Flow Management
  • Investment Advice for Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans (401k, etc.)
  • Risk Management Solutions & Estate Planning Analysis

Investment Management

Reaching your goals and dreams is often the result of purposeful planning, good advice, and mature investing. Wealthquest helps you to reach your goals with a sound and proven approach to portfolio management. Our advisors hold highly regarded designations in the field of investment management, the CFP® and CFA® marks. We will apply our experience and expertise to managing your investment assets, while always keeping your tolerance for risk in focus.

  • Institutional Asset Allocation
  • Combines the  Active, Passive, and Alternative Strategies
  • Customized around client concentrated holdings
  • Option Strategies for unique needs


One goal nearly all investors share is planning for a comfortable and secure retirement, and preparation is grounded in a sound financial plan. While this is a simple concept, an accurate and thorough plan can lead families through complex and competing goals. Wealthquest can develop a personalized strategy that helps you to properly balance these  needs. If you are ready to retire or already retired, we can help you to build a plan that will ensure the future security of your retirement. And we will analyze your sources of income to coordinate the most tax efficient means for providing the income you require.

  • Dedicated Financial Planning Department
  • Cloud-based planning system with daily updates
  • Automated account aggregation
  • Clear step-by-step direction to accomplish goals
  • What-if scenarios to test alternative paths
  • Proactive tracking and advice

Estate Planning

Who will inherit your property when you die? What kind of medical treatments will you want to receive – or avoid – if you become critically ill? Thinking about issues like these is what estate planning encompasses. When you plan your estate, you create a directive of how your financial and personal affairs should be handled after you can no longer manage them. We will evaluate pitfalls in your current plan, make you aware of opportunities you may be missing, and walk you through the many options available to you. Then we help you to prioritize your goals and to implement your plan with the aid of an experienced estate planning attorney.

  • Estate Document Prep Credit (Amount Based on Assets)
  • Plan Design Direction
  • Existing Document Review
  • Cost Efficient Transfer Strategies
  • Protecting the Next Generation

Tax Prep and Planning

Proper tax planning can minimize your current and future tax burden, providing you with efficient means of accomplishing your goals. We can help you identify opportunities you may not be aware of and develop tax saving strategies to maximize your income and asset growth.

We offer tax preparation to bring proactive tax planning to a new level.

  • CPA/EA Prepared Federal, State and Local Tax Returns
  • Tax Bracket Management
  • December Deadline Tax Review
  • Proactive Deduction Strategies
  • Coordination with Financial Plan

Ascend Services

$0 - $500K

This is our true flat-fee engagement. Initial financial planning analysis recommendations are available as a one-time fee of $2,000 up-front. Annual engagements are billed at $1,800 or $150/month. Investment management is offered at a flat rate of 0.80%. At most firms in the industry, this fee only covers money management and a little financial advice. At Wealthquest, our competitive fees include all of the following:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Preparation & Planning

Please Note: The scope of any financial planning, consulting, and tax preparation services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement and specific requests and needs of the client. WQC does not serve as an attorney, certified public accounting firm, or insurance agency. WQC does not prepare legal documents, nor does it sell insurance products. If the client desires, one of WQC’s affiliated entities and/or representatives, in their separate individual licensed capacities, can be engaged to provide insurance sales/services and/or legal services per the terms and conditions of a separate engagement and fee as described on WQC’s written disclosure brochure.

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